Top 3 Places Where To Buy Cardano (ADA)

Learn where to buy Cardano in just a few simple steps

Cardnao (ADA) has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in recent times due to the large number of developments it has experienced. For example, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano informed that they have launched the Shelley network. Cardano is also working in order to offer the best solution to cryptocurrency users that want to deploy decentralized apps and other smart contracts on the Cardano network. 

Cardano is becoming a more attractive cryptocurrency over time for investors that want to get exposure to the cryptocurrency market. In this post, we will share which are the top 3 places where to buy Cardano (ADA) and how you can do so in a few steps. 

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Top 3 Places Where to Buy Cardano (ADA)

Among the top 3 places where to buy Cardano (ADA) we consider the best are exchanges. These are platforms that will allow you to get access to ADA coins in a fast and easy way. Compared to other virtual currencies, ADA would have lower liquidity to be bought and sold using P2P networks. 

Top 1 – Exchanges

As we have mentioned before, exchanges are the best way to get access to Cardano (ADA) coins in a fast and easy way. Exchanges are platforms that will allow you not only to buy Cardano but also other virtual currencies. 

There are some platforms that do not have strong KYC controls and that would definitely help you to buy ADA in a few steps. However, those exchanges that include fiat currencies would be the best option considering you will only have to deposit some money on the platform rather than sending virtual currencies from another exchange or wallet.

The best exchanges currently include Binance and Coinbase. While Coinbase can be a great choice for newcomers to the space, Binance is going to be the best option for users that want to also have other services included in the same platform. 

Exchanges are the most liquid way to get access to Cardano tokens. You will be able to place buy and sell orders and wait for the ADA tokens to reach your wallet in just a few seconds. 

Top 2 – Cryptocurrency ATMs

The second of our top 3 places where to buy Cardano (ADA) includes cryptocurrency ATMs. As we have mentioned in previous posts, cryptocurrency ATMs can be a great way to get fast and easy access to cryptocurrencies, including Cardano. 

These cryptocurrency ATMs work in a similar way to traditional ATMs with the difference that they will not be giving you cash from your bank account but instead you will be buying and selling virtual currencies. 

ATMs can be located in places where a lot of people can get access to the machine. For example, this includes shopping centres and metro stations. Although not all of them will be offering the possibility to sell virtual currencies, you will certainly have the chance to acquire ADA and others. 

There are just a few ADA ATMs around the world, this is why you will have to search for them very well if you want to acquire ADA tokens through this method. 

Top 3 – P2P Networks

P2P networks are also a good way to get access to Cardano (ADA) tokens. Binance, for example, is offering a P2P exchange for users to get access to ADA tokens in just a few seconds connecting users to each other. 

With P2P networks you will directly buy ADA from another person that is selling ADA. You can pay either in cash or with other payment methods. Everything will depend on the exchange method you select with the counterpart. 

P2P networks are also very good to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with other individuals for cash rather than using virtual currencies or other payment methods. In the last years, P2P solutions such as LocalBitcoins have been very useful for individuals that preferred not to use exchanges and similar platforms. 

The main challenge will be to find the person that is selling / buying ADA tokens considering there is a lower liquidity in the market for this token. 


There are several methods in which users can buy and sell ADA in the market. Among the top 3 places where to buy Cardano (ADA) we find Exchanges, ATMs and P2P networks. However, the best of them is going to be the first one. Exchanges are the easiest and fastest way to get access to the crypto market and to acquire the coins you want or need. 


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