These Are the Best Places to Trade Crypto

These are the best places to trade crypto

In order to be able to open trades with our favourite cryptocurrency pairs and be able to access a full set of options and trading tools, traders will logically go for the best place to trade crypto. 

Currently, there are dozens of trading platforms that allow users to monitor the market and set orders, although some always stand out from others in their differences. In this opportunity, we will analyze what a crypto exchange needs to be the perfect candidate for our investments and which one can offer you the best service.

What is the best place to trade crypto?

Each trader will find the exchange that best suits their needs depending on their level of experience and the options that said platform offers them. For that reason, we consider that (at least for beginners and intermediate level traders), Binance could be the best place to enter our orders to the market.

With high daily transaction volume indices and hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs available on its market, Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the world. It was founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017 and has been offering excellent service to its users ever since.

Why is Binance the best choice?

Apart from having a Spot market where traders can make investments in the medium / long term, Binance has a complete section for trading cryptocurrency derivatives called “Binance Futures”.

Binance Futures allows users to trade with up to 125x leverage in multiple cryptocurrency pairs, although you can only fund your futures account through USDT and BNB.

Among the advantages that institutional investors enjoy within Binance, are the lowest commissions in the market. With different rates for each type of user, depending on different factors such as the amount of Binance Coin you have.

Additionally, Binance Futures provides its institutional clients with a dedicated service with various benefits, such as margin management available to control the risk management we need. You can check the Binance Futures Guide on Altsignals Guide List.

If you are in the middle of a trade and need to increase the size of your available margin, you can do so and give your trade some slack.

Bitcoin futures contracts on Binance provide you with more suitable experience for traders of all experience levels.

Best place to trade for experienced traders

It is a fact that more experienced traders are used to other types of platforms with more complex options and trading products that are beyond the control of a novice trader.

BitMEX is the perfect place if you have a high level of experience in cryptocurrency trading, as it is a next-generation platform in terms of trading options. In BitMEX you can enter orders to the market through traditional futures contracts and perpetual contracts and although the commissions are definitely not the cheapest in the market, Good risk management and a professionally set trade will give you the results you are looking for.

Other platforms such as Coinbase and Kraken also offer an excellent experience in cryptocurrency trading and secure your investments as they are regulated exchange platforms, which comply with the laws imposed by the jurisdictions where they operate.


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