Massive Hack Compromised Twitter and Requested Bitcoin (BTC) to Users

A hacker got access to large Twitter accounts and requested Bitcoin to users

Besides public figures accounts, accounts of exchange companies such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Bitfinex and others were also affected. People rooted in the crypto community were also hacked, including Changpeng Zhao, Charlie Lee, and Justin Sun.

Accounts of other personalities such as the US presidential candidate Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, as well as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian and other organizations were also affected by mass hacking, only in the latter cases they used a different Tactic to scam followers.

Massive Twitter hack

During the afternoon of July 15th, unknown hackers took control of the official accounts of various Twitter exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Bitfinex, as well as that of various CEOs and organizations in the crypto space, to promote a deceptive offer with the which sought to steal users’ private information (phishing).

Another of the accounts checked on details that said address also capitalized more than USD $135.000 in BTC funds at the time of the tweet. At the time of publication, both accounts are capitalizing more than USD $253,000 from victims who fell for the scam.

According to the published details on the official Twitter accounts of the aforementioned personalities, the hackers left messages anchored in which they report an alleged alliance with the organization “CryptoForHealth”. As part of this deceptive campaign they would be giving away a total of BTC 5,000 among the followers, and they invited the followers to visit the official page through the link provided.

Something was clearly wrong

The messages quickly caught the attention of many people who eyed the offer suspiciously and warned other community members about how suspicious the message was.

Seeing that the same message was repeated between several accounts, community members pointed out that they were compromised by hackers, so entering the corresponding link could serve as a mechanism to remove the data of the seized people.

MetaMask users who entered the provided link were confronted with a Phishing alert, which warned visitors about possible risks of theft of private information and invited them to take the respective precautions to avoid unfortunate events.

What is especially striking about this event is the number of accounts that were compromised, as well as the targets that the hackers targeted, in the case of organizations, exchanges and personalities of the crypto space with a wide base of followers.

Due to the magnitude of the attack, and the number of violated accounts, some critics and members of the community suggest that it could be a security breach in an app that publishes with the Twitter API, or on the same Twitter platform. For their part, others suggest that it could be due to a perpetual hacking of the advertising agencies responsible for managing these accounts.

The Twitter community has to keep their eyes open for future hack attempts, although it was quite predictable on this opportunity, as it is very illogical for organizations and celebrities (specially Warren Buffet) to be giving BTC tokens away.


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