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Using crypto signals? You're in the right place to find the best trading channels!

One of the main advantages of using crypto signals for trading is pretty obvious. Legit crypto trading channels will have a trading team and not only a marketing team like most of the forex channels. As cryptocurrencies get more popular, a lot of new crypto traders and channels appeared.

In this detailed article we’re going to go through a list of crypto signal channels and why you should and shouldn’t use them.

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Before we overload you with detailed information of each crypto signal channel, let’s just quickly breakdown the top frequently asked questions when it comes to crypto signals.

What are Crypto Signals?

Cryptocurrencies can be traded to make a profit. The trading of these cryptocurrencies work in a similar manner to other forms of currency trading such as Forex. You essentially speculate on the specific price movements of a coin.

Crypto signals themselves are nothing more than a set of clear instructions that are sent in real-time to you either in Telegram or Whatsapp. These instructions tell you exactly when to buy and sell the certain cryptocurrency.

You’ll usually see a crypto signal sent in the following format;

  • Cryptocurrency – crypto signals will contain information telling you which cryptocurrency to buy e.g. Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Buy – a target buy price, telling you exactly when you should enter a trade
  • Sell – a target sell price, telling you exactly when you should exit the trade
  • Stop Loss – a target stop loss price, to mitigate losses in case the trade does not end up going in the right direction

Sometimes the crypto signal might include the exchange where you should be placing the trade. Most of the time this will be Binance or BitMex.

It’s 2020, so finding a reliable authentic trader is hard. But if you read our website and tutorials – we’re sure you’ll find the perfect trading team for you and will be making profit soon. We always suggest using telegram to receive your real-time trading notifications. It’s mobile and will let you stay connected to your trades at all times!

Do i have to buy Crypto Signals?


Lot’s of the paid crypto signal channels have ‘FREE’ channels where they will post less signals than their premium channels. You can’t guarantee that these signals won’t be late either. So it’s not a good idea to think you’ll make money crypto trading from free signals.

Can i lose money with Crypto Signals?


We always suggest you looking at online reviews before giving any of these crypto signals channels your money. You wouldn’t order food without looking at a review – so don’t do that when choosing a premium crypto signal provider.

  • If a crypto trading channel doesn’t have a results page then it’s probably a scam.
  • If a crypto trading channel doesn’t have a trustpilot review page then it’s probably a scam.

If it’s not on our website then it’s probably not worth your money or time, we can assure you we’ve gone through the cream of the crop when it comes to crypto trading channels!

Why listen to us?

That’s a good question. Why do we know best?

We’ve spent numerous hours and thousands of pounds trying out every premium crypto trading channel or guru. You don’t have to follow in our foot steps, but if you do you’ll know you’re not wasting any money. We can save you time when looking for the best VIP Crypto groups.

Best Crypto Signals

Now we’ve covered the basics of crypto signals, lets take a look at the best telegram VIP groups that you should be using in 2020 so you can make a profit and receive reliable and consistent crypto signals.

Enjoy the list – see something you don’t like? Let us know.

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Founded in 2017, AltSignals is the market leader for crypto signals.

AltSignals guarantee the quality of the signals they provide, the old saying ‘quality over quantity’ really makes a difference when it comes to trading in any market. No matter if it’s Cryptocurrency or Forex AltSignals make in-depth analysis for every trade. This means that they will only provide the highest quality trades and analysis possible to their teams abilities.

How do AltSignals send Crypto Signals?

A telegram bot will automatically allow you access to their VIP channels and they then provide instant real-time trading signals via telegram. If you leave notifications on you’ll be making sure you’re getting the best opportunity to make profit on the crypto signal.

How much are signals from

AltSignals pricing structure is straight forward, it’s £99 per month for any one channel. If you buy two you save 10% and if you want to buy all three you’ll save 25% – that works out at £75.

  • BitMex – £99 Monthly
  • Binance – £99 Monthly
  • Forex – £99 Monthly

Helpful Links for AltSignals

  • Universal Crypto Signals 

This crypto signals group has been one of the most popular trading signals groups in the market. The firm has been working in order to offer great content for users on Telegram. The firm started to operate back in January 2018 and it has provided hundreds of trading signals in the last years. 

Like AltSignals, Universal Crypto Signals was able to operate during a bear market (the one in 2018) which was difficult to handle compared to other moments in the crypto market where altcoins and cryptocurrencies grow higher in price. 

They are offering a free and a premium channel for crypto trading signals. That means that you can select which one of the groups to join rather than paying for something you may not be interested in. 

The customer support is also great and very friendly, which can be compared to AltSignals, where the team is working on a daily basis to offer the best solutions to users. 


  • Affordable prices
  • Highly accurate
  • Friendly support
  • Accurate BTC Analysis


  • Sometimes they don’t provide stop loss
  • They do not answer individual messages

Helpful Links for Universal Crypto Signals 

Channel link:


  • Crypto Pillars

Crypto Pillars is also one of the best crypto signals providers in the market. This is due to the fact that the owner started to provide free crypto trading signals and she eventually realized there was a growing demand for these signals. 

Now, this crypto signals group is providing great accurate content and signals for several exchanges, including Binance and BitMex. Moreover, the owner of the channel is also ready to offer educational content and technical analysis for users and traders.

She is also providing support to the Cornic Autotrader, which is a great addition for users that want to trade in autopilot. This is a growing channel for traders to handle crypto trading signals and it will certainly be very useful. 


  • Accurate trading signals channel
  • Cornix support
  • Friendly support from Emma (the owner)
  • Friendly atmosphere


  • Relatively new crypto trading signals channel 


  • Alex Crypto

Alex Crypto is another crypto trading signals channel that is offering trading signals for users using the Telegram account. Users can simply get information about which are the best moments to enter the market or exit a trade. 

The VIP Channel is going to be the best option rather than the traditional free account because you will have much more content available. Alex is offering technical analysis as well. Moreover, he is focusing on offering quality over quantity, similar to what AltSignals and other providers are doing. 

The membership pricing is going to be for 1 month: 0.05 BTC, 3 months 0.01 BTC, 1 year: 0.35 BTC and 0.55 BTC for a lifetime membership. 


  • Focusing on quality over quantity
  • Good customer support for VIP users
  • Useful information provided to traders


  • Not clear pricing structure
  • Not good free Chanel


  • Crypto Classics

Crypto Classics focuses on trading signals (2 or 3 per day) to users following the channel. They are providing signals mostly on Binance and Coinbase Pro, which other providers do not offer.

The team behind this crypto trading signals channel focuses on understanding how Bitcoin behaves and taking it into consideration before placing the trades and sharing information to users. Bitcoin (BTC) remains the largest crypto in the market and altcoins are closely related to it. 

The team behind Crypto Classics will be glad to welcome you on board and to have you following the trading signals providers. 


  • Providing regular and daily trading signals
  • Support for Coinbase Pro
  • BTC Analysis


  • Not content provided for BitMex


Don’t just jump into crypto trading thinking you’ll make huge profits. Bitcoin and the going to the moon days are long gone – it’s not 2017 anymore and people are much smarter when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

We always like to triple check when paying for a premium crypto signals service, so make sure you do too. It will be worth you saving your hard earned cash – especially during the coronavirus lockdown!

Are you in a group that’s currently not listed? Let us know and we might check it out and add it.

P.S – If you’re a scam channel owner don’t try be sneaky and get added to our list – we’ve being trading 10+ years and will catch you out!



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